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"The historical England that most people aren't fortunate enough to see"


Unique Tours of Britain operates exclusive, ALL-INCLUSIVE chauffeur-driven tours of Britain right across the United Kingdom (UK) including tours of England, tours of Wales and tours of Scotland. All Unique Tours of Britain are by luxury Audi or minibus, staying in luxury private period homes and/or luxury 4/5* hotels. We specialise in unique historical tours of Great Britain, literary tours and unusual themed tours. 

Each Tour of Britain is expertly guided by myself, Michael Osborne BA Hons (London) History as your exclusive personal chauffeur and tour guide. Unique Tours of Britain is a specialist in customised tailor-made tours that are bespoke to your chosen and preferred tour itinerary. Tour packages can range from One-day sightseeing tours to Residential tours

All Unique Tours of Britain are Personalised. That is, the Tour is for you and your group ONLY, however small. You are NOT part of a larger group. You, the client, decide on the number of days and the precise dates of your Unique Tour of Britain. 


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